Poverty Truth Commission

Helping to bring an end to poverty

The East Surrey Poverty Truth Commission was launched 4th June 2019, with the aim of bringing together local Community Commissioners, Civic Commissioners and Business Commissioners, to share, discuss and listen to some of the real-life, lived experiences are of poverty, in East Surrey.  The goals of the Poverty Truth Commission over it’s 18 month duration, are to increase the understanding of some of the more common causes of poverty in our local community, and to  help create and build links between different parts of the community.  As a group of engaged Commissioners, can we help improve the lives of people who face the challenge of poverty every day, so that together we can start to turn the tide on poverty and help find avenues and motivation to free people from lifelong poverty ? For the long term, is there a way we can work together to start to create an exit plan or end-game strategy for the Foodbank, so that in 10 years from now – the Foodbank is no longer required ?


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