What is Epsom & Ewell foodbank doing this Christmas?

7th November 2018

Can you get involved and help?

Christmas is a time to celebrate with the ones you love the most; it’s a time for friendship, for giving and receiving. This year, Epsom & Ewell Foodbank is running a campaign called ‘Giving Local People a Christmas’, to help everyone feel the Christmas spirit. Last year we fed more than 300 people around the Christmas season.

One lady we gave a joint of meat to said it was ‘the best Christmas she ever had’ as her daughter had stayed with her on Christmas day as she had fresh meat to cook!

We want to raise funds to do it again and support people this year:

  • So that we can give our clients vouchers to exchange in their local butchers, greengrocers or Co-op so that they can have a fresh joint of meat and vegetables for their Christmas meal – local people supported by local donations supporting local businesses.
  • So that we can support people in energy issues and provide a fuelbank.

On top of that we are also doing our reverse advent calendar appeal, collecting brand new toys to give out as presents and giving people Christmas-focused food this December.

If you can help then please contact us at or

Facebook: epsomewellfoodbank

Twitter: @epsomfoodbank

or click on our donate page here!/


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