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Donate A Laptop

Your business, your organisation or your family could help us make a real difference in the local community.

Today, the need for digital education is fundamental for the future of our children. Sadly, there are currently more that 450,000 school age children in the UK that do not have access to a computer at home.

  • The current COVID-19 crisis has highlighted that there is a digital divide, and too many children are missing out on a proper digital education, and they risk falling behind.
  • The potential social and economic impact of falling behind could be devastating, for those individuals and also for the country.
  • This is key not only for their education and aspirations, but also future employability, opportunities, community engagement and their ability to one day, earn a living.
  • As well as helping to address the digital divide; the donation, recycling and re-purposing or this equipment also helps the environment as well. (reduce waste / re-use / re-cycle)

To donate a working laptop or tablet device, please contact us.

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